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Saving Money

5 Ways to Save Money While on The Road

October 17, 2022

August 24, 2020

When you make the commitment to become an adjuster, the prospect of being very busy for a period can be stressful. There is however one area of your new work-life which does not have to be. When you’re on the road and making money it’s easy to overspend. Below are some tips to make sure you end your road trip pocketing as much money as possible!

Food spending

It’s always smart to keep your food choices and your meals inexpensive. Everyone loves a good steak but sometimes it’s best to go bulk grocery shopping and buy the things to make sandwiches for example. This will be great for quick, on-the-go daytime lunches and smaller dinners so you don’t have a $50 dinner bill each night to account for.


Staying in a less expensive hotel is an easy way to save money. Remember if the hotel has Wi-Fi and a bed, that’s all you need! Most of your time will be spent in your car doing inspections so do not go overboard with where you sleep at night. Some websites like Hotels.com even feature promotions like book 10 nights online and get 1 free.

Gas conservation

When on the road you will receive as many assignments as you can handle within the required timelines. Scheduling inspections can be tricky but it is best to schedule the ones in close proximity to each other so you can conserve gas. Whether you realize it or not this is an easy way to be spending money each day you’re working if not careful.

Obtaining licenses early

Keep an eye on the tropics for property or even weather reports. Make sure your licenses are in order as it increases your chances for deployment. If you see a Hurricane is heading for the east coast go ahead a week in advance or so and get your licenses up to date or acquire new ones you may need. The last thing an adjuster wants to have to do is spend their earned money on the road for new licenses as you go or as claims come in.

Vehicle maintenance

What’s the one thing you must have before you hit the road? A reliable vehicle of course! Steer clear of performing vehicle maintenance while working by keeping it in good condition when you’re at home. Oil changes, tire rotation, etc. can prove costly if you have to try to tackle this while on the road. Not only that, but it will delay your claims when having to take your car to an auto shop to have these things handled.

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