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Tips + Tricks

Working From Home As A Desk Adjuster

October 17, 2022

April 7, 2022

All About the Schedules

Setting a schedule for yourself will help you stay on task and ensure your day goes smoothly. The great thing is that you have flexibility. If you need to move things around you can, BUT try to stick to the schedule. 

You may be able to pick the days that you work from home. If that’s the case, set your schedule. We don’t recommend you jam-pack one day to get your work done. Spreading out your work will ensure quality and minimize your stress levels.

Then you will want to set your hours. Many at-home jobs require you to make phone calls, so keep this in mind when setting your hours. I am not sure anyone would want to be woken up with a call at 6 am. 

Allocating time for breaks is so important to keep you on track. Working for 5-8 hours straight with no breaks is a recipe for disaster. The second you set away after working for 5 hours you will not want to get back on to continue working. Trust us. In the morning take a quick walk outside and every hour you are on your computer, take a 10 or so minute break. Really unplug on those breaks by staying away from the tv and your phone. It’s nice to catch up on social media, but give your eyes a break from all of the blue lights. It’s going to make you more energized. 

When you have set your breaks, you want to include your lunch period in there. It is so easy to forget to eat and stay hydrated while you work from home. When you do forget, you will be feeling it. Letting it go will cause you to feel terrible and you may end up cutting your workday short! Don’t do this! Set your meal times and meal prep if you can! 

Morning routines are a MUST! Don't just roll out of bed and start working. Get up, get dressed, drink your coffee, and have breakfast. This will set yourself up for success and prepare you for your workday. OH and another tip, make your bed. It gives you an extra little boost! 

Keeping Organized

Keeping your work organized will relieve stress from your workload. There is the obvious like keeping files stored correctly and your work area tidy, but we want to talk about your to-do list. Are they really that important? YES! 

Creating a realistic to-do list has so many benefits. You will stay on task, prevent mistakes, and stay organized. 

When creating your list, we recommend making a weekly list of goals and a daily list of things that need to be completed. Think about the tasks you need to complete, and list how long it takes to finish them. This will allow you to organize your tasks for each day and ensure you are giving yourself enough time to complete them. 

When we say a realistic to-do list, that means that you aren’t giving yourself too many tasks than you have time for. You will lead yourself to overwhelm, decrease the quality of your work, and just be really stressed out so don’t do it! Please. 

Setting weekly goals is a great way to stay motivated. Although motivation is hard to keep, if you can be determined to meet your weekly goals, then that will keep you going! At the end of the week, you will feel great about what you accomplished, and maybe you can treat yourself for your hard work! 

Choose Your Location

Choosing where you will do your work is one of the most important parts of working from home. If you have an office, that is where you should always be doing your work. If a home office is not an option, then we do not recommend doing your work in relaxation areas like your bedroom or living room. The dining area is the next best spot, or a simple desk near a window will work great. 

Choosing to work in an area that is meant for relaxing can decrease your motivation and cause you to become stressed in those areas that you once loved to relax in. Although, it doesn’t hurt to do your work in bed from time to time, just don't make it a habit. 

Exercise Regularly

You will need to be active when working from home. Smartwatches have reminders that will ensure you are getting up every so often and briefly walking around. Listen to them! 

Take a short walk if you need to clear your mind or get some vitamin D! Spend about 30 minutes a day doing some form of exercise. You can purchase a simple weight set off of Amazon or Walmart and do quick home workouts. It is so important to stay active when you work at home because you will start to feel sluggish and not sleep very well without this exercise! 

Minimize Distractions

Sometimes you work better with music playing, but for many, it can become a huge distractor. You know if you are the type that can listen to music while working or not! Try to keep your phone and the tv off while you are working. It will prolong you from finishing your work! 

Save that TV show for when you are finished working, this will give you the motivation to complete your work! 


When it's time for you to do your work, do your work. That isn’t the hard part. The hardest part is separating your work life and home life. When you work from home the lines can get very blurry. Having a set spot and hours makes this easier. Create boundaries and stick to them so that you do not work until midnight. 

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